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Founded in 2016, IDARE LLC, developed AI driven fully automated data analytics computation system builder for the energy, health care, e-governance and education and scientific research, which are trainable, configurable, scalable and inter-operable for multiple people of different organizations through a metaverse environment.

The IDARE digital twin system builder comprised of 4 key technologies such as
1. Decentralized databases for data connectivity, transform, storage and loading
2. autoML: fully automated no code data analytics platform for fast data analytics for efficient decision-making.
3. Workflow automation: fully automated workflow automation platform for business process automation.
4. 3D asset visualizer provides 360o view of business dynamics of the system with realistic assets in GIS space and data dashboards. Collaboration of Human resources can actively participate inside the 3D metaverse.

Founder & Chief Tech. Officer

Dr. Khairul Chowdhury possesses 20+ years’ experience in Computational Science, Energy Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and R&D.

Co-Founder & Vice President

Diego Lamacchia possesses 30+ years’ experience in Offshore- Onshore Energy Project Management & Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

Chief Operating Officer

Hassan Sami Suheil, serial entrepreneur of multiple business ventures, 25+ years of experiences in energy production systems and engineering.

Board of Director & Angel Investor

Sohel Chowdhury, serial entrepreneur, 28+ years of experience in engineering, construction management and real state development.

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